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Soaps for You!

 Woman's  Body Soaps

  • Most of these are made with soap blocks melt and pour process (organic) No chemicals. ex. Oatmeal, Glycerin, Plain White, Avocado and Cucumber, Coconut and Shea, and Goat Milk.
  • If have sensitive skin, Don't buy or use it, Check with your doctor.
  • Fragrance Oils and Essential oils are in most of them. (searched for the best and organic)
  • Some of them have oils to keep your skin smooth after shower/bath Ex. Shea nut, Sweet Almond, Coconut, Jojoba Oil, Apricot Oil, Olive Oil, Papaya seed Oil. 
  • Make a Request if allergic to any of the items.
  • Organic Exfoliators ex. Dead Sea Salt, Lemon Peel, Bee Pollen
  • Other colors are available (Make Request) 

Clear, White, Coconut

Essentials: Lalic, Freesia, Sweet Pea, Lily, Violet, Jasmine (Foral)

Oils: Jojoba Oil

Color: Purple, Pink

4.0 Oz

(New) Spring Blossom Soap

Limited Edition

Goat Milk, White, Coconut

Essentials: Hope Blend, Baby Powder, Rose Garden, Azalea, Freesia

Oils: Shea Nut, Sweet Almond

Botanicals: Rose Petals 

Color: Pink 


(New) Rose Blossom Soap

Goat Milk

Essentials: Lavender

Oils: Apricot Oil

Botanicals: Lavender Buds, Ground Oatmeal

Color: Purple


Oatmeal Lavender Soap

Color: Pink

Essential: Rose Garden


(New) Rose Bush Soap

Color: Purple

Essential: Lavender, Vanilla Bean


(New) Lovely Butterfly Soap

Color: Pink

Essential: Pink Splash (Sweet)

4.0 oz

(New) Ballerina Slippers Soap



Color: Pink, Yellow

Essential: Rose Garden


(New) Roses Soap


Top to the bottom

Color: Orange

Essential: Sweet Orange, Sunflower


(New) Flower Girl Soap

Color: Pink/ White Rose

Essential: Palmarosa, Gardena 


(New) Blooms Soap



Olive Green

(New) Garden Full of Roses Soap

 Other colors are available

Make a Request

Rose Pink

Orange Red

(New) Touch of Roses Soap

Limited Edition

White, Watermelon, Honeysuckle, Tea Tree, Eucalyptus Immortelle Flowers

(New) Sweet Pea Soap

Limited Edition 

White, Goat Milk, Shea nut, Baby Powder, 

Rose Garden, Bubble Gum, Peppermint, Red Color

(New) Passion Soap

Limited Edition

Shea, White, Vanilla, Coconut cream Fragrance Oil, Raw Vanilla Bean, Ground Cinnamon, Brown color, Rose Petals.

(New) Vanilla Bloom Soap

Limited Edition

White, Shea+ Mango, 

Myrrh, Frankincense, Rosemary, Baby Powder,

 Clean Cotton, Peppermint, Eucalyptus Essential Oil, 

Jasmine Flowers, Blue Color

(New) Baby Blue Soap

Limited Editon

White, Coffee, Vanilla, Peppermint, Castor Oil, Mint Leaves.

(New) Calming Coffee Soap

Limited Editon

Goat Milk, Oatmeal, Shea, Lavender, Bergamot, Turmeric, Avocado, Coconut Oil.

(New) Turmeric Dream