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Soaps for You!

About Me

Hi, Everyone....Welcome to Soaps For You. I am Carlafrances Jones. I relocated to Virginia from New York, with my amazing mom, brother and little dog Lily (Yorkshire).  Cerebral Palsy caused my hearing loss, but didn't impede my creativity. I love to show my creativity through paintings, drawings and of course homemade crafts like Soaps. I also love listening to music, travel and shopping. With all the negativity about Cerebral Palsy and its challenges, people don't really recognized that there are also great opportunities for people like me.  I am here to turn the world around for a better perspective on people that have one or more disabilities like me.   I am starting this small business so that people who doubt themselves will have the ability to display their creativity.  I strongly believe that people with disability have ability to do almost anything, in a very unique way.

I have spent many hours researching the oils, butters and fragrances in order to select the best product, value, and benefits. I trust that you will enjoy my products, as much as I enjoy making them for you. Use them in good health, mind and body. 

Thanks for your business,